Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Night Clive

Thought we would have a fun Saturday Night Clive thingee and show what he's up to but he kind of likes to have his schedule the same every night.

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Here I am waiting for Mom to get off the computer and hang out with me. I don't hang out with her in the den anymore.

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I'm trying to decide which of my chewie rejects from the week before that I will revisit. Maybe none. I like to lick off the good tasting stuff and them chew a little bit and leave the rest. Just the way I do things.....


Lorenza said...

Hi, Clive
I have a routine too and I like to follow it!
I do the same with my chews! If I am in the mood, I eat them. If not, I just lick them and go to look for something else!
Have a great weekend

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Clive!
Thanks for checking out my blog. :) I guess Saturday nights are nice for just relaxing and chilling. I do that like all the time. I love CHEWING. hehe... :P


We will eat all your chewy rejects. We eats them till they are totally gone!

Isis said...

hey clive, hana tells me you tried to reach my profile but couldnt? thats real strange... cuz i dont have any setting saying people can't view it... try clicking on my name with this message!