Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday's Walk

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I started out on a beautiful afternoon walk today and ran into my friend and neighbor, Lori. Lori is very nice to me even when I bark at her. She just lost her beautiful furbaby, Tachi, this summer and we were all very sad. You can visit Lori's tribute to Tachi at the Rainbow Bridge website:

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We walked down to Parker's Lake and saw lots of migratory ducks. Couldn't get a good shot because Mom's camera was running out of batteries.

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I think this is young sulfur shelf (because of the orange/yellow color) but not sure. Sulfur shelf is also called "Chicken of the Woods" and is edible. But, like I said, not sure if that is what this is...

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I had to stop and rest (stall) on my way home. You can see in the background that we live near a couple of softball fields. It's a good place to get off leash and run -- although I don't do much of that any more. Too much work! Have a great weekend all!


Hana said...

Hey Clive, I really like your pink nose!! Your mom is so nice to take you on dogventures.... my parents hardly take me anywhere. You live in such a pretty area.

Clive's World said...

Hi Ms. Hana,
Are you flirting with me? :) I'm so glad you like my pink nose. LOL
I'm getting my pictures taken this weekend with my Christmas necklace. Thank your mom again for making it for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clive,
You are a such a pretty boy and I love to pet you when I see you outside, even when you bark at me! I am not afraid of your bark anymore, so that's good. My little Tachi has been gone for 3 months as of today...maybe when you bark at me, you are just telling me that Tachi says hi! I bet that's it. Be a good boy and I will see you soon!


Hana said...

Ummm, flirtttting? What's flirting? ;-)

We can't wait to see your Christmas necklace pictures!! My mom still hasn't made me a Christmas necklace, let alone a Howl-a-weenie necklace. I might not have anything to dress in for Howl-a-weenie. Woe is me.