Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Puppy Uglies!

We've been emailing with friends about what some people call the "puppy ugglies". It is once the pups have grown out of their very cute, cuddly stage and are entering into adolescence. I dug back and found a pick of my beautiful Clive and his late brother Buster:

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Clive is on the left and Buster is on the right. Our friend John Tewksbury who started the PeskiPix list wrote me after I sent in this picture that my dogs were sure in there "uggly puppy' stage. I was soooo upset! I never once even thought of these babies as being ugly. I now look back and see the gangly bodies, thin coats and big ears. I forgive you John Tewks! (What you all don't see is under the afghan they are sitting on is covering the couch they are literally eating and gutting like a stuffed play animal!!!!)


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

awwh we think you two we're adorable , no uggly puppy in this pic. Tx Trio wagging out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clive,
We don't think your pup picture was ugly at all..quite the contrary. We just stopped by to check out your blog and really like all the pics...you're a very good looking pup CLive.
Abby and Rosie

Hana said...

Hmmm, I think it was mean of him to say.

John said...

Hey that's what it's called! I didn't make it up! I think it's a cute name that's actually supposed to reassure people that Eskies all go through an awkward stage and their pups will be giant furballs soon enough. I sure do miss Buster&Clive and am so glad that I saw as many pictures of them as I did!